LMB Beauty Hand Care Line

LMB Beauty Hand Care Line takes pride in providing supreme hand care products for our customers that will nourish and revitalize your skin with vitamins & antioxidiants that will hydrate and give supple and soft hands in minutes. Vegan

Rose Quartz Infused Travel Care

Our Premium Whipped Hand Butter

Our Whipped Hand Butter will soften and moisturize your hands. Packed with vitiamins that will hydrate your hands leaving them visibly soft and supple. Our scents are invigorating all you need is a pea size of our hand whipped butter to get rid of being ashy because being ashy is not it.

BYE BYE Ashy Infused Cuticle Oil

We are saying bye to ashy, dry and cracked cuticles. Our cuticle oil leaves cuticles soft and hydrated, with this purse size cuticle oil there is no excuses for dry or ashy cuticles. Thats why we are saying Bye ashy and Hello to moisturized and nourished cuticles.

Crystal Infused Sugar Scrub

Crystal Infused Sugar Scrub is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that will hydrate your hands leaving them refreshed shedding the old dead skins cells and helps regenerate new and improved skin. With our scrub you will see a difference within first use.

Cystal Infused Emulsifying Scrubs

Our Emulsifying Scrubs are one of a kind. Our top sellers are

Rose Quartz =  Love

Yellow Jade =   Balances

Amethyst = Dissolves Negativity

Citrine = Abundance

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